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Please note, not all challenges are submitted on Devpost. If you don't see the challenge you're submitting for here, check the live site and your inbox to see where you should claim your points. 

What is Local Hack Day: Build?

Local Hack Day: Build is a week-long celebration of creating hacks both big and small. Choose between daily and week-long challenges that vary in difficulty, so whether this is your first time coding or you’re a seasoned expert, Build has something for you. The more challenges you conquer, the more points you’ll earn. Tune in each day to check out the leaderboard and show off all that you’ve built. To start hacking at LHD: Build, register here. 

What are these Challenges?

Local Hack Day: Build will run from Sunday, January 10th to Monday, January 18th. During this time, you can expect challenges for all skill levels. These challenges can be completed on your own time, and new ones will be released each day via email and on the live site! Once the daily challenges are announced, you’ll have 24 hours to complete and submit them in order to earn those points on the leaderboard.  

If the daily challenges aren’t quite your speed, there will also be plenty of week-long challenges you can complete at any time. These will range from quick technical challenges to tasks you can complete with your guildmates, both beginner-friendly and technically advanced so there is something for everyone.

How do I earn points and swag?

Earn points for yourself and your Guild by completing our challenges throughout Local Hack Day: Build. Points are rewarded based on both your participation and completion of challenges throughout the week of Local Hack Day: Build. These range from daily challenges to week-long challenges which can be as simple as posting on your social media or as advanced as completing a workshop and building a hack.

We have some seriously cool swag up our sleeves for Local Hack Day: Build and we’ve made it simpler than ever for you to earn it. It all starts with checking in to events. Whether it’s a workshop or just the day of the event, you can earn tons of stickers to deck out your laptop, postcards, and more. 

Everyone who checks in and completes a single challenge will receive:

An MLH Sticker
An Ellie Season Sticker
A Local Hack Day: Build Hexagon Sticker
A Thank You Postcard


If you check in each day, you will receive:

A bonus set of six hexagon stickers 


 What is a Guild? How can I be a part of it?

One of the best parts of our community is that it allows people to meet and make connections with others, regardless of where you live. Guilds are smaller communities within Local Hack Day.  Whether you come in with a Guild or not, you won’t be hacking alone. Those who don’t already have a Guild will be assigned to a randomly generated one where you can meet hackers from around the world and complete challenges together. 

 I want to form a Guild. What does that entail?

One of our favorite parts of Local Hack Day is the Guild system. Form one of your own to hack alongside your friends and fight for a spot on the leaderboard. Who wouldn’t want bragging rights for having one of the most active guilds within the MLH community?! Every time you complete a challenge during the week of Local Hack Day: Build, you’ll earn points for your Guild. There’s strength in numbers so it’s important to spread the word and we are here to help by providing you with pre-made marketing templates and this blog post with tips on marketing (#4 specifically). Use these templates to share the excitement with your club, friends, and local hackers! The more members you have, the more points you’ll get and the faster you’ll climb your way up the leaderboard. 

Starting a Guild is as easy as filling out a form. Make sure to get yours registered before it’s too late!


This event open to hackers, all over the world. While we primarily work with student hackers or those who have graduated within the last 12 months, working professionals are also welcome to join us. Students can include high school students, university undergraduate or postgraduate students, and people who are in vocational training such as apprenticeships.

As per our Code of Conduct, there is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, economic status, veteran status, disability, or age.


Your challenge submission must be completed within the submission period(Sunday, January 10th at 12 PM EST - Monday, January 18th at 12 PM EST) 

Your code must be available in some sort of public repository. 

If you're continuing work on an old project, you MUST specify in your Devpost what was worked on 1) before this day one of LHD: Build and 2) during day one of LHD: Build. 

Hackathon Sponsors


Automate a Daily Task

Think about the tasks you do on a daily basis. Is there anything in there you can automate? Social media posts? Sorting your inbox? Sending out the zoom invite for the family meeting? Pick one, automate it, and submit your hack.

Explore Web Scraping

We know hackers always want to learn web scraping at hackathons, so we want to encourage you to explore this subject during Local Hack Day: Build. You can watch tutorials, follow guides, or build something yourself- it’s totally up to you and as long as you learn something about web scraping, it counts! Submit your hack on our Week-Long Devpost! Make sure to tell us about what you learned - the “project” can even be code from a tutorial you followed!

Build a Giftable Project

Hacks are the coolest gifts this season. Think of someone in your life that could use a hack - then build it for them! Perhaps your sibling needs an app to keep track of D&D campaigns or your friend could use a browser extension to keep track of when their plants need to be watered.

Build a Game Simulator

We want you to build a simulator for your favorite game. Whether you like board games, card games, sports, video games, or anything in between - we’d love to see a hack that lets you or helps you play this game. Submit your hack on our Week-Long Devpost! Bonus point if you play your game with another hacker (submit a screenshot on our Week-long Typeform!).

Create a Brand Concept

Calling all artists and designers! For this challenge, we want you to imagine a fictional company and create a branding concept for it. You can make this as detailed or simple as you’d like. You could make logos, flyers, a website mockup, social posts, or anything else you need your fictional company might use!

Create A Project to Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

New year, new hack! Was your New Year's resolution to hack more? If so, you’re already on the right track. No matter what your resolutions are, we want you to create a project that can help you achieve them.

Build a Working Chess Game

Feeling inspired by Beth Harmon? Want to really put some of your chess and hacking skills to the test? Try building a working chess game. Make sure to submit your hack on our Week-Long Devpost so we can check(mate) your project out afterward.

Create a Party Playlist Project

Create an application that lets a group of listeners send songs to queue for everyone. You can do this through any platform you’d like. Make sure to submit your hack on, and get your dancing shoes on.

Use Computer Vision

What if your garbage can could sort your recycling and compost out for you? Build a project that uses computer vision to accomplish a task. Maybe your hack analyzes garbage and sorts it into its respective kind.

Build a Translator

The hacker community is incredibly diverse, so we’d love to see you create something to aid communication around the world. Build an application to help translate between languages - you could translate sign language or spoken languages!

Create a Medical Hack

There is so much innovation happening in the medical world, and hackers are always coming up with new ideas to improve medical experiences. You could create a smart pill dispenser or an app that helps with a medical diagnosis. Don’t let us limit you though.

Create a Financial Hack

Whether you’re tackling budgeting for college students or financial modeling for stock markets, we want to see you create something inspired by finance. This can be as simple as looking at data from one or two stocks, or as complex as a holistic view of someone’s finances.

Connect Two APIs Together

Using APIs opens a ton of functionality you can add to any hack. For this challenge, we just want you to connect any two APIs together.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • None
    LHD:Build is a celebration of building projects both large and small. Instead of judging projects and awarding prizes, we are giving out points to folks who complete these challenges. These points go to earning your LDH:Build swag.

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